NZFJ Passage Notes: "Intro"

Our 1,200-mile journey from New Zealand to Fiji was an intense sailing adventure.  I’m grateful to Skipper Tom for inviting me along.

Sailing across an ocean is not an everyday experience.  You can’t just book the trip on  You can’t just call up a friend and say “Hey, let’s do this.” 

So I’m excited to share some details about my experience to give you a flavor of what the journey was like. 

·      What went into the preparation and planning?

·      How did the 3 of us manage sailing for 24 hours per day for 8 days straight?

·      Did we run into any storms, big seas, or other challenges?

·      What did we eat?

·      What were the high/low points?

·      What did I learn?

·      Would I do it again?

As you might have sensed from my silence these past couple of weeks, I’ve been having a hard time writing my update because there are so many layers to the experience – physical, intellectual, and emotional.  There is so much to write about that it feels overwhelming, and I keep procrastinating.  

But I need to do it.  And then move on.

So rather than try to write one long eloquent update, I’m going to compartmentalize my thoughts and post a few serial updates.  We’ll call it “The Before,” “The During,” and “The After.”