Update from Fiji

After 8 days at sea, covering 1,200 miles of open ocean in a 50-foot sailboat with two friends, we docked at Vuda Marina, Fiji (and later Port Denerau, Fiji).

The trip was amazing.  I will write a separate account of it over the next couple of weeks.

Since the passage, we have been catching up on sleep, eating normal meals, and re-hydrating…as well as a little celebrating, which leads to needing more sleep and hydration.  We have also spent the days packing up our sailing gear, cleaning up the boat, and returning it to normal “cruising mode” (vs. “passage-making mode”).

As of now, the skipper and first mate have returned home to the United States.  I am taking a few more days to explore the nearby Yasawa Islands on a local ferry service.  I bought a five-day unlimited pass to go to/from islands as I please.

Even worse than “mainland Fiji”, the internet on these islands is spotty, slow, and unreliably available, so I won’t be doing much posting online.  

I’ll be using the offline time to work on a video account of our passage, as well as a written summary of the experience.

That’s the update for now. 

Thanks again to Avalon skipper and crew for a safe, memorable passage!