As of April 15, 2015, I decided to take time off from the working world to explore the *actual* world.  I quit my job, rented my house, and began to live as a modern day nomad.  At first, it was just “time off,” but now, nearly four years later, I think it might be a lifestyle. Having made a career in corporate financial planning, I have some unique skills (and discipline) that have helped with my choices. I stick to a strict budget, track every dollar I spend, and calculate actual-versus-budget spending at the end of each year.

Even before I started this crazy adventure in 2015, I was already an experienced traveler with about 40 countries under my belt. I had traveled by 4-wheel-drive truck across Bolivia, by motorcycle in Vietnam, by cargo ship in Chile, by 6-passenger plane in Nicaragua, by boots and crampons in Patagonia, and by roller-blades in Buenos Aires.  So it’s fair to say I knew what I was getting into.

As a complement to my travel experience, I am also certified with U.S. Sailing as a Bareboat and Coastal Skipper, as well as Keelboat Instructor.  Sailing is my passion, and I try to incorporate sailing as unique way to explore new countries.

I've set up this website to record my journey.  You can see where I am and where I have been, you can read about my activities, you can view a gallery of photos and videos, and you can review my CV/Resume if you think we might have a professional connection, or opportunity.

If you have travel ideas, sailing tips, website suggestions - or just want to say "Hi" - I would love to hear from you! 

Hope you enjoy exploring with me!


Here's a song that inspires me to appreciate what I have and to pursue what makes me happy.