Getting Down to Business

With my ticket purchased and departure date set (Aug 25), I have scrambled this past week to pack up my house and move my items to storage.  I'm happy to report, it's done. 

I will be renting my house partially furnished, so the move was not quite as bad as it could have been.  But I did realize:  I have a lot of stuff!  Am I ever really going to look back on my college coursework?  Do I really need two snowboards?  Does the Atari even work, or is it just fun to look at?  I guess I'll answer those questions at some point in the future.  I have heard of many people who come back from extended sabbaticals and sell (most) everything they own.   

In addition to packing up the house, I have also packed my bags!  It took me a few tries, testing out my assortment of backpacks, looking for the right combination.  I was hoping to walk onto the plane with one carry-on and one personal item.  However, with the weather in Chile running at 55 degrees and raining (every day), I'm bringing a bit more gear than I had anticipated.  Also, I have decided to bring a lightweight sleeping bag for maximum flexibility on accommodations.  So I will be checking a bag after all.  Disappointing, as DBT prides himself on traveling light.  

In my spare time, I visited and created business cards for my new self.  I figured they might come in handy as I meet new people and look for opportunities to travel, sail, and/or volunteer.