Decisions, Decisions

With time on my hands and the world at my fingertips, I have found it difficult to decide where to go first.   But I have made the decision.

I will depart August 25, headed to Isla Tenglo, off the coast of southern Chile, the edge of Patagonia.  Through Help Exchange (, I have identified an adventure operator ( who is willing to host me.  (Yes, they have sailboats!)

I am absolutely thrilled by the opportunity, even though I don’t know exactly what I will do.  Work on the sailboats?  Work in the orchard?  Work in the lodge?  Teach the children English? Stay tuned.

Incidentally, I have been to Chile a few times before, including as part of my 9-week backpacking trip through South America in 2008-2009.  At the time, I made a series of videos documenting the trip.  I have uploaded a few of those videos to this site.  Check them out!