My New Office

Here it is - a big update on my plans for 2017!  But first, a bit of a recap:

Two years ago, I quit my corporate job, rented my suburban house, and set out to travel the world.  I launched the website "Dannyboy Travels" to track my adventures.

Since then, I have lived in Chile, Thailand, and New Zealand while volunteering for local families; I have sailed across the South Pacific Ocean twice; I have navigated the coast of Croatia by sailboat and by bus; I have even explored a few neighborhoods in California, volunteering on a ranch in Sonoma Valley and experiencing the, um, culture in Eureka.

Indeed, Dannyboy has traveled.  

But, as the tagline on my website reads, I'm also "Charting a New Course."

I’m not just traveling randomly, counting countries and snapping selfies.  I’m on a journey to redefine my life.  

Remember, back in April 2015, I was tired of, and unfulfilled by, my corporate life.  Although I may have been making a contribution to the company and its various stakeholders, I not could easily see, let alone feel, that contribution.   I wanted something more. 

And that is what the journey is about.

I want to base my life on activities that I am passionate about and on experiences that directly enrich the people, community, and/or environment around me.  

Travel is my primary passion and ultimate goal.  Sailing and volunteering are the means by which I hope to achieve that goal.  They make the adventure of traveling that much sweeter, for me.

Simply put, my long-term goal is to travel the world, volunteering and sailing as I go.   

The volunteering component is relatively straightforward.  I use a few online resources to find opportunities, but in general it’s been pretty easy to find people who accept a free helping hand in exchange for a bed and some food…after I fulfill any visa requirements of course.

On the other hand, the sailing component is much more complicated.  It is comprised of four sub-goals:  teaching sailing, skippering charters, delivering yachts, and cruising the oceans.  These sub-goals take significant planning and preparation, including certifications, licenses, references, and sea time.  

Over the last two years, amidst all my travel, I've made progress toward my sailing goals. I'm now certified with U.S. Sailing as Coastal Skipper.  I've accumulated nearly 3,000 ocean miles via crewing on two ocean crossings and skippering a charter in Croatia.

Today, I'm happy to announce another major step forward in my sailing career: I've been hired as a Sailing Instructor at the Olympic Circle Sailing Club!

I’m thrilled to join the OCSC organization.  This is the organization that taught me to be a safe and skilled skipper.  From my own first few classes at OCSC, I knew that the organization (its people, philosophy, and process) was special.  I am honored to have this opportunity.  Thank you OCSC!

Some of you may recall, I have been an instructor before.  My first job out of college was teaching high school calculus, geometry, and algebra.  I thoroughly enjoyed the work; it was as challenging as it was rewarding.  Those of you who know me really well may recall that I have frequently said I would return to teaching some day.  At the time, I never dreamed it would be teaching sailing! 

Working as a sailing instructor will accelerate my progress toward my other sailing goals – chartering, delivering, and cruising.  As an instructor, I will accumulate on-the-water experience, broaden my network, and strengthen my sailing resume – all while enjoying the process of teaching students new skills, helping people realize their dreams, contributing to the OCSC community, and working in my new office… the San Francisco Bay! 

Even more good news -- the new job is only part-time for now, so yes, Dannyboy will also continue to travel!

My new office = a J24 and the San Francisco Bay!

My new office = a J24 and the San Francisco Bay!