Happy New Year!

After a 1,500-mile holiday road trip that was a little more exciting than I had planned (see "Dannyboy Troubles" post), I'm now back onto the streets of San Francisco.  Well, not literally on the streets - at least not yet.  This week I'll be house-sitting for some good friends in Mill Valley.  It should be a quiet, relaxing week which I will spend catching up on administrative things -- bills, taxes, computer backup, and perhaps some enhancements to my website.  I hope to finish a couple of DBT videos too.  All the while, I will have to fend off the two aggressively friendly cats in this house!

My 2017 plan is still a mystery to you... and to me.  But I'm working on it.  Stay tuned.  It will likely continue to be a medley of sailing, volunteering, and traveling.  But the exact activities and locations are TBD.  In 2016, I focused on accumulating richer experiences as a sailor:  I crossed the South Pacific Ocean twice, and skippered a two-week charter in Croatia.  This added nearly 3,000 sea miles to my sailing resume!  In 2017, I want to build on this foundation, with the goal in 2018 or 2019 of having a "career" sailing.  I don't know what that exactly means yet, but I hope it includes a bit of income. :-)

As always, I welcome any house-sitting or overnight crash-pad opportunities while I'm in the Bay Area.  And if you have a boat, then by all means, please contact me if you need crew!

Happy new year everyone!

Here are a few obligatory selfies from my road trip: