Happy Holidays!

I have been back in the San Francisco Bay Area now for about two weeks, and have fully recovered from my sailing adventures in Croatia, Fiji, and New Zealand.  I've been gone since August, basically, so it feels good to be back in the Bay for a bit.

Besides doing laundry and paying bills, I have been lucky to catch up with a handful of friends via various holiday parties, coffee dates, and happy hours.  I'm grateful to those friends who have also hosted me (or offered to host me) in their homes, as I continue to be homeless, indefinitely.

Ah, yes.  So what is my next adventure?  Good question!  My renter has confirmed he'd like to extend his lease for another year (which would take us into 2018), so I'll need to come up with something!  I have been scouring the usual sources of Help Exchange, Crew Bay, Find-a-Crew, etc. for opportunities abroad, either sailing or volunteering.  But I'm also pursuing something locally, which I'm very excited about.  

When I'm ready, I'll post my decision and destination.  In the meantime, I am taking a mini-adventure -- a week-long road trip in my Subaru to Oregon to see family, and take advantage of free housing. :-) 

Happy Holidays to everyone!