A quick "teaser" video of our 1,200 mile sail from New Zealand to Fiji in June 2019. Full video coming soon.

Highlights from sailing New Caledonia to New Zealand. 900 miles in 8 days. Across the South Pacific Ocean.
Highlights from two day hikes in southern Germany near Kreuth and Tegernsee.
For two months, I helped a family with their Bed & Breakfast operation on Isla Tenglo, off the coast of Puerto Montt, Chile. I skippered a water taxi (small boat with outboard engine) and ferried guests between the mainland and the island.

I crewed for the delivery of a 58-foot Beneteau in Chile. With very little wind, we mostly motored during the two-day passage from Puerto Montt to Isla Chiloe. We anchored overnight at Isla Puluqui.

Highlights of our 1,200-mile sail from Fiji back to New Zealand in November, 2017, aboard the 50-foot sailing vessel Avalon. We made good time, and spent an extra few days cruising New Zealand's Hauraki Gulf, anchoring at Kawau Island and Rangitoto Island to explore.  Read about the trip in my November 30, 2017, journal entry.

Highlights of our 1,200-mile sail from New Zealand to Fiji in May, 2017, aboard the sailing vessel Avalon. We left Marsden Point Marina (NZ) under sunny skies. Over the next 8-9 days, we faced some big wind, rain, and seas. But we were also becalmed for a couple days, floating in a completely flat and glassy South Pacific Ocean.  Read about the trip in my June 7, 2017 journal entry.

Here is a short video highlighting our sail around the islands of the Dalmatia Coast in Croatia. We covered 200 miles and 5 islands in 13 days.
Here are the highlights of my 10-week adventure in Croatia, including a 2-week charter of a 42-foot sailboat that I skippered with 3 crew.
My visit to the Pula Arena, in Pula, Croatia. The arena, constructed between 27 B.C. and 68 A.D., is one of the six largest remaining Roman Arenas.
Highlights of the 1,200 mile, 8-day, non-stop sailing passage from New Zealand to Fiji. Awesome boat and crew.

Crabbing in Oregon.  (Makes up for squid-fishing in Thailand.)

Sailing from New Zealand to Fiji - Sizzle Reel

Preparing and provisioning for our sail to Fiji.  That means doing a shakedown sail to make sure sails and systems are working properly, and doing some major grocery shopping!

A quick time-lapse video of Avalon "on the hard" - hauled out of the water, undergoing some routine maintenance and inspection.
We hauled SV Avalon out of the water for a week in the boatyard, where she will undergo routine inspection and maintenance, including bottom-scrub/anti-fouling... sort of like going to the dentist or something. We'll be back in the water in a week or so, and then do serious planning and provisioning for our passage north to Fiji.

My final sail in the San Francisco Bay before heading to New Zealand for a 1,200 mile passage to Fiji.  We did both a day and evening sail, with two different groups.  Excellent day!

Here are some of my favorite places on the little island of Koh Jum, in Thailand.

I took a lot of boat trips during my 3 months in Thailand!

We did some great volunteering to improve things at the Uza Beach Resort!

Come visit Ko Jum and stay at Uza Beach Residence. We have bungalows and villa apartments, restaurant with Thai cuisine, beach bar with cocktails, kayaks and motorbikes for rent, and so much more!

I had fun renting scooters to explore the islands of Thailand.

Sailed from San Francisco down the coast of California to Half Moon Bay (October 17-18, 2015).

(U.S. compatible version) Trekking in the Austrian Alps with good friends from Germany (October 2015)

(International version) Trekking in the Austrian Alps with good friends from Germany (October 2015).

This video highlights the many different ways I have helped local families in Chile during my stay on Isla Tenglo.  (September 2015)

Compilation of sailing trips on the San Francisco Bay. (Spring 2015)

This was a week-long passage up and down the coast, as part of my certification with U.S. Sailing and OCSC to become a Coastal Skipper. (July 2015)

In 2008, I went to the end of the world... Ushuaia. Highlight was crossing the Beagle Channel in a little boat "Tres Marias".

In 2008, I hiked the "W" in Patagonia, covering about 100km in 6 days.

In 2008, I took the freighter/ferry Navimag down the coast of Chile, into Patagonia.